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ECU Centaurs

Non-PQL Team

The ECU Quidditch Club is an amateur sports team based at the ECU Joondalup campus. ECU Quidditch is an easy way to make friends and be part of a team enjoying exercise in the traditional Hogwarts manner. Our team, the Centaurs, is always looking for new people to participate, whether you're interested in playing competitively or as a hobby - athletic ability is a plus, not a requirement!

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Twitter: @EcuQuidditch


Contact us: ecuquidditch@gmail.com 

President: Brooke Williamson


How ECU Quidditch began:

Our team began thanks to a fun Mental Health Week promotion at ECU on the 10th of October, 2014, hosted by the ECU Student Guild. Funds raised went to SANE Australia's Suicide Awareness Program. The informal game of quidditch proved to be a success, resulting in Veronica Lowe's decision to start a quidditch team at ECU. The WAQA was contacted, and then first affiliated with the Guild on the 22nd of September, 2014.

Founding members included Veronica Lowe, Lewis Price, Katy Wedderburn, Shane Young and Katie-Jo Astoria. Our current committee is a group of nine dedicated individuals including: Brooke Williamson, Celia Baldwin, Benjamin Nimmo, Jarrod Pickering, Joshua Simmons, Katerina Lysenko,  Michael Walsh, Shelley Laslett, and Veronica Lowe.

Over the past four years ECU Quidditch has grown immensely with over 100 member signups each year. Since then we have been competing in the Perth Quidditch League, and  have sent players to the national quidditch tournament with the Perth Phoenixes.

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