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WAQA Membership

WAQA Membership is available to all quidditch players based in Western Australia. Quidditch Australia Membership is required for some events, but is not compulsory when becoming a member of WAQA.


Membership is currently available for the 2021 season:

Full year $40 - November 1 2020 to October 31 2021.


Membership will allow you the following perks for the valid period–

Eligibility to play at Perth Quidditch League Matches

Invitation to socials and events


All members of WAQA are expected to follow Quidditch Australia's Code of Conduct; any breaches of the code will be taken seriously and will be penalised accordingly. If you would like to report a breach of the code please get in contact with your Team Representative or a member of the WAQA Committee.

Ready to join? Please fill in the membership form and get it signed by any current member, then return to your Team Representative , or scan through to the WAQA email address.

Membership Form

Quidditch Australia Membership

WAQA requires member to also have a valid membership with Quidditch Australia for insurance purposes in official matches. If you plan on playing a PQL or Fantasy tournament, head over to the Quidditch Australia page to sign up.

Please note: your team needs to be registered before you can sign up. If your team is not an option please speak to them and ensure they have signed up.

New members who have never signed up before are eligible for a trial membership. If you have previously played with a Quidditch Australia membership you will need to sign up for a full membership.

Team Registration

Teams that wish to compete in the Perth Quidditch League must sign up before the season starts in February. Please get in contact with WAQA about adding your team and assigning a Team Representative.

To sign up with WAQA, head here

Ensure you also register your team with Quidditch Australia here

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